What is Gelato?

“What is gelato?”  This is a common question we receive at the Perfect Scoop.  Maybe the real question is… if it looks this good, do you care?

But what exactly is this Italian answer to ice cream? Where did it come from? And what makes it so different and delicious? First, frozen treats aren’t new. Even in the times of ancient Rome, Italians ate confections made of ice or snow.  Anything closer to what we know as modern gelato, though, seems to have been developed during the Renaissance.

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Each 20oz Smoothie has 5 servings of fruit and contain no added sugars, artificial sweeteners or colours. Just 100% crushed fruit. Smoothies are perfect for post-workout, muscle building, fat loss, increased metabolism and more!

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What you had to say

Just had our first visit! Service was great, gelato was delicious and prices were very fair! Would certainly recommend :)

Thanks for the chocolate caramel and cappuccino cup tonight, your gelato is delicious!

Everything is so delicious!

So delicious! go… now!

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